CARAT spiral pendant round

Design Candles - Carat by Flügel

CARAT spiral pendant round

Article C1028
used for the gem stone in the size 50 mm Ø 

You use it for wearing the square gem stones out of Onyx 50 mm Ø.
Then you can easily add to your necklace.

Then your gem stone from the candle has created a lovely necklace!


Just to know to be something special ...
Jewellery - Designcandles made by Flügel


A gift for yourself or somebody else -
You have the possibility to use the jewellery elements later for wearing as a necklace.

CARAT by Flügel


• The Design candles of FLÜGEL are
               - handmade
               - developed
               - produced
in Montabaur, Germany - using best raw materials.

Each candle is UNIQUE

MADE IN GERMANY since 1792