CARAT "Onyx" square small

Design Candles - Carat by Flügel

Designcandle "Onyx" square 3 cm

Artikel C1002 with 3 "Onyx"-Stones und
3 Swarosvki-Glas-Diamonds
Candle Oval High 120  Ø 135

* Size in mm

Infront of the "Onyx" you find a Swarosvki-Glas-Diamond.
The true stone out of "Onyx" can be used for wearing at a necklace.
After removing it from the candle you can wear using a pendant and fix to a necklace.
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Just to know to be something special ...
Jewellery - Designcandles made by Flügel


A gift for yourself or somebody else -
You have the possibility to use the jewellery elements later for wearing as a necklace.

CARAT by Flügel


• The Design candles of FLÜGEL are
               - handmade
               - developed
               - produced
in Montabaur, Germany - using best raw materials.

Each candle is UNIQUE

MADE IN GERMANY since 1792