Design Candles

Each candle is handfinished in Montabaur, Germany

Desgin Candle PREMIUM - Our best designs perfect in every detail
Design Candle CLASSIC - Elegant handfinished candles with good prices
Design Candle BASIC - High quality candles in trend colours
Baptism, First communion ... - All candles are created by our designers

If you love your home: DESIGN CANDLES from FLÜGEL

Autumn/Summer - Collection 2014

Exclusiv design candle each saison new created.
The trend in 2014:

  • The new green
  • Modern Living
  • Soft Nature
  • Highlights in orange

    The new accessories and glass plates combine extraordinarily with our candle collection – just made for an elegant atmosphere.

    Three different price groups will meet all your expectations

    Lacquered uni-coloured high quality candles 
                           The candle for less money but still FLÜGEL burning quality

    CLASSIC      Colourfull handfinished design candles middle priced

    PREMIUM     Exclusive design candles: Each candle is unique.

    Create an atmosphere of pleasure through candle light with Flügel!

    PERFECT LIVING is very important today in a world of high-tech; Flügel design candlles and accessories add´s to it.
    Our product´s are the perfect gift: for many occasions and for yourself.
    We show you idea's for the decoration of our collection in our catalogue, at the different trade show's and in our showroom.

    Spring/summer - collection 2013

    Make your choice out of the trend colours:

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