Design Candles

Each candle is handfinished in Montabaur, Germany

Desgin Candle Quadro - Our best designs perfect in every detail
Design Candle Grado - Elegant handfinished candles with attractive prices
Design Candle Willow - Handfinished candle in colour rosewood
Baptism, First communion ... - All candles are created by our designers

If you love your home: DESIGN CANDLES from FLÜGEL

Autumn/Christmas - Collection 2016

Exclusiv design candles are each saison new created.
The trend colours in 2016 look like:

  • darkred
  • rosewood
  • black
  • olive
  • Natur colours: sand coloured, taupe, brown and white

    PERFECT LIVING is very important today in a world of high-tech; Flügel design candlles and accessories add´s to it.
    Our product´s are the perfect gift: for many occasions and for yourself.
    We show you idea's for the decoration of our collection in our catalogue, at the different trade show's and in our showroom.

    Please contact for more information:

    Jacob Flügel GmbH
    Candle manufacturer since 1792
    Peterstorstrasse 3
    D-56410 Montabaur

    Telefon: ++ 49 (0)2602/1607-60
    Telefax: ++ 49 (0)2602/1607-10
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